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Wexler Potts Scissors
Wexler’s premium Potts scissors are the ideal surgical instruments for your delicate vascular procedures. ... click to read more
Optimus Series
The best warranty in the industry is yours with Wexler Surgical’s Optimus Series. This line features an assortment of premium atraumatic tissue forceps, needle holders, and scissors. ... click to read more
Madani PTE Set
Dr. Michael M. Madani from the UC San Diego Cardiovascular Institute has teamed up with Wexler Surgical to devlop a unique line of DeBakey Forceps, and Retractors for use in PTE/CTEPH surgeries.... click to read more
EPIC VATS® Series products line this article goes over the benefits of the EPIC VATS line. This series of easy to disassemble instruments hosts instruments like Clamps, Forceps, and Scissors.... click to read more

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