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Velox X-Action Series

Wexler’s Velox X-Action series instruments—forceps, needle holders, and scissors—feature a patented Velox double action design that is ideal for cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries. Their unique design refines the line of sight and allows for better control on longer instruments, prevents scissoring of the tips, and makes them superb for deep cavity procedures. Crafted from titanium, a light-weight metal known for its high-strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, the Velox X-Action series instruments have a weightless feel; and their counterbalance mechanism helps distribute the weight. Unlike standard forceps, the surgeon may squeeze with the same amount of force at any point on the handle and achieve the same pressure at the tips, making them perfect for deep cavity procedures.



Velox X-Action series forceps are available in various lengths and jaw-type tip styles, including:

  • straight
  • angled
  • ring-tip
  • DeBakey
  • Resano
  • platform
  • IMA


The knurled-handle forceps provide a non-slip grip that helps with precise movements and an improved grasp, while simultaneously reducing the pressure required to operate them. The Velox double action is an enormous benefit for the surgeon, as it reduces finger fatigue and cramps, making extended surgical procedures much easier. Titanium knurled handles are spring configured and counterbalanced, and are offered in your choice of round, round bayonet, and flat handle types.



Needle Holders

Choose from a selection of Velox X-Action needle holders in various lengths and tip styles, including regular, delicate, micro, and heavy. Select from needle holders in stainless steel or titanium, with straight or curved jaws. All are coated with tungsten carbide to improve needle grip. Handles styles are available in flat, round, and flat or round bayonet, and are counterbalanced with or without a locking mechanism.



Velox X-Action scissors, in your choice of titanium or stainless steel, come in an assortment of straight, angled, curved-up, curved-left, curved-right, Potts, as well as fine and micro stainless-steel blades. The counterbalanced handles are available in flat, flat bayonet, and knurled rounded titanium handles, providing a weightless, tactile feel to the instruments.



Whether you choose titanium forceps, titanium needle holders, titanium scissors, or any variation thereof, these high-precision surgical instruments are genuine innovation in action, providing comfort and precision to all your delicate surgeries. Wexler Velox X-Action series titanium surgical instruments are indeed almost effortless to use. Upgrade your surgical experience with Wexler’s Velox Double-Action instruments.


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Author: Wexler Team
Published on: 11/13/2020
Updated on: 1/20/2022