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 When looking for the right surgical instrument for your procedures, we know that you have a variety of vendors from which to choose. You may be asking yourself, why choose Wexler?


At Wexler Surgical, we are dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality instruments with the best customer service possible. We know that you hold a patient’s life in your hands, and when you pick up a Wexler instrument, you know you can rely on it.

Wexler is dedicated to providing the best quality of instruments on the market. In addition to using the highest quality of surgical titanium and stainless steel, we offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and 1 year of free maintenance included with your purchase of any of our standard line of instruments.
At Wexler, we believe in offering the best customer care possible. Our dedication to excellent customer service is evidenced by our quick response rate, knowledgeable staff, and willingness to go above and beyond.
We know that medical care must continually evolve and improve with the latest findings and techniques. Our staff is dedicated to continually improving our products. We collaborate with surgeons, and have several patents and product lines that are unique to Wexler.
For superior quality, innovation, and excellent customer service, come to Wexler Surgical. We can’t wait to work with you! Click on the links below to see some of our unique, innovative product lines.
Customer Reviews
  • "Excellent quality product, very timely and helpful office staff."
  • "I love the quality of our products, it allows us to compete with anyone. I also love the fact that Wexler stands behind its product 100% and that cannot be said about our competition."
  • "Staff is very willing to assist with all requests even at short notice! Very positive attitude always!"
  • "We feel privileged to have access to the product line and absolutely love working with Wexler and the people in the company. We lead with Wexler."
  • "Great quality products!"
  • "The products are solid, and the flexibility and understanding from David is essential."
  • "David and Irena are great to work with! The customer service people are wonderful and Anna is always helpful."
  • "The Wexler staff always follows up and the amount of inventory is impressive."
  • "Very friendly, informative, efficient employees."
  • "Great quality products, great price, a company who cares about the customer!"
  • "I am thrilled with their fast response time!"
  • "The quality of the products and the people are great!"
  • "Broad selection and good people!"
  • "The employee's have a genuine desire to assist with sales and requests."
  • "Easy to work with and listens to suggestions. Great quality Instruments."
This unique lock turns your needle holder into a locking and non-locking instrument.
Check out the Optimus line for the best warranty in the industry - 15 year manufacturer warranty and 5 years free maintenance!
These Double-Action instruments eliminate scissoring and reduce hand fatigue.
Madani PTE Set
We developed a full set of instruments with Dr. Madani for use during PTE Surgeries.
Syringe Extender
Our VATS Syringe Extender was created with a malleable nitinol shaft to get the perfect shape for each procedure.
MIS Hybrids
A new minimally invasive line created by pairing our signature MIS Blue Wave Handle with a VATS, style jaw.