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Wexler VATS Needle/Syringe Extender - Effortless Reach

Exercise flexibility and control when you use the exclusive Wexler VATS needle/syringe extender - CL0730.1. This cutting-edge surgical device was created with a malleable nitinol shaft, allowing the surgeon to customize and shape the instrument as needed for each procedure. When exposed to high temperatures during sterilization, the nitinol will return to its original shape, making it a perfect customizable, reusable instrument. As a result, Wexler’s nitinol surgical needle and syringe extenders are ideal instruments for injection placement or aspiration during thoracic and other minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

In redesigning its VATS needle extenders and syringe extenders, Wexler has drawn on the success of nitinol as an exceptionally biocompatible metal used in various surgical devices that include stents, catheters, superplastic needles, heart valve tools, staples, bone anchors, and septal defect devices and orthopedic implants. A metal alloy of nickel and titanium, nitinol is superior to stainless steel due to its properties exhibiting both shape memory and super elasticity at different temperatures. It is nitinol’s reversible character that makes it Wexler’s state-of-the-art metal choice for extenders, which can be curved or bent to conform to narrow spaces and will then return to their original parent shape, despite temperature fluctuations.  

The Wexler CL0730.1 needle/syringe extender has a 4 mm tube and has a total length of the 12" (30.5 cm). The needle/syringe extender is applied by placing a syringe on one end and a needle with a Luer lock on the other, creating leak-free connections. The surgeon may shape the shaft to best fit the procedure. Once the procedure is completed, the instrument should be sterilized, as with all other reusable surgical instruments. The unique properties of nitinol allow the shaft to return to its original, straight shape when exposed to the high sterilization temperatures. This exciting feature means that the surgeon is starting with a “blank slate” each time, so that they may use the instrument to best suit their needs. Due to its length and temperature induced memory, the nitinol structure makes sterilizing CL0730.1 extender practical, reusable, and durable surgical tools. As such, Wexler CL0730.1 needle/syringe extenders are efficient and valuable state-of-the-art complements in your individual delicate surgical procedure sets. 

At Wexler Instruments, we are always adapting to the rapidly changing surgical field. “In a world of precision, we’re on the cutting edge.” 

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Updated on: 2/7/2022