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Item number: FL8638.1

MIS DeBakey Forceps - Straight 2x3 DeBakey tips w/ 3.2mm jaws, 5mm Shaft, 11'' (28cm) Working Length, Round Squeeze Handle, Stainless Steel, 16'' (40.5cm)

In addition to our signature Blue Wave handles, Wexler is now offering a knurled handle option for our line of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgical instruments. Available in our standard Wexler Blue, the knurled pattern on the handles offers a secure, non-slip grip. Learn More
Choose your minimally invasive surgical instruments with confidence every time you pick up Wexler’s colored-handle MICS instruments. Wexler’s MIS instruments feature three new colored handle options in addition to our original Blue Topaz signature color. Our easily recognizable, colored wave handles now enable you to customize and distinguish your instruments by color to meet your specific requirements Learn More
Instrument Type MIS DeBakey Forceps
Instrument Configuration Tubular Shaft
Shaft 5mm
Handle Type Round Squeeze Handle
Jaw Type Dual Action
Jaw Shape Straight
Jaw Interior 2x3 DeBakey
Jaw Size 3.2mm
Lock w/o Lock
Working Length 11" (28cm
Total Length 16" (40.5cm)
Material Stainless Steel
Maintenance and Warranty IFU