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High quality surgical instruments

Optimus Series - Trust You Can Feel

The best warranty in the industry is yours with Wexler Surgical’s Optimus Series. This line features an assortment of premium atraumatic tissue forceps, needle holders, and scissors. These products are perfect for vascular, cardiac, and thoracic procedures. Our highest quality, hand-crafted, state-of-the-art surgical instruments feature 5 years of free maintenance, plus a 15-year limited warranty. This warranty reflects our confidence in the unparalleled craftsmanship of our Optimus Series product line.

Our Optimus warranty is unmatched in the market – guaranteeing each product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions for its intended purpose for 15 years. Wexler will repair or replace the defective instrument at no charge at its discretion. Furthermore, for a full 5 years from the date of your invoice, Wexler will sharpen, re-dust/re-coat, or perform any other maintenance necessary to keep your surgical instruments functioning like new at no additional cost.

Choose from our array of DeBakey, ring-tip, and platform titanium forceps with their distinctive green handles. Our needle holders are available in titanium with green handles or standard stainless steel. They are designed with either standard box lock, or with spiral-line box lock, which is uniquely twisted to reduce the possibility of snagging the suture. Our short, fine blades Potts and curved, Razor Edge Metzenbaum scissors are made of durable, high-grade stainless steel.

Take advantage of this incomparable opportunity to own the finest surgical instruments that you can always depend on. The Optimus Series: Quality you can trust. Trust you can feel.

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Author: Wexler Team
Published on: 3/26/2020
Updated on: 1/20/2022