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Wexler Surgical’s Statement on COVID-19

Wexler Surgical would like to thank the extraordinary medical professionals: nurses, medical assistants, doctors, and healthcare support staff. Your bravery and willingness to risk your lives to heal others during this unprecedented crisis is an inspiration to the nation.




Our team will continue to do whatever is necessary to provide you with the instruments you need. We are taking necessary precautions to protect everyone involved, including treating our incoming and outgoing shipments with antibacterial/sterilizing UV light devices.


Thank you, again, to our extraordinary customers. You are truly the ones on the front line who will get us through this pandemic. The Wexler Team will do our best to be an effective and reliable supplier during this time of uncertainty.


Best Regards,

Victor Grinshtein

CEO, Wexler Surgical

For questions and orders please contact us at:

Wexler Surgical
11333 Chimney Rock Road
Suite 110
Houston, TX 77035
(713) 723-6900
Author: Wexler Team
Published on: 3/18/2020
Updated on: 1/24/2022