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EPIC VATS® Series products line


Wexler Surgical—manufacturer of innovative surgical instruments—announces the launch of its EPIC VATS® Series instruments. Our new product line is in compliance with a 2016 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Health Administration (VHA) directive* requiring surgical instruments be disassembled for complete, thorough cleaning and processing. Working with respected surgeons throughout the world, Wexler Surgical's skilled craftsmen have fashioned a line of instruments that are EPIC: Ergonomic. Precise. Innovative. Clean. The EPIC VATS® Series' patented design will change the way you clean your medical instruments.

Featuring an open-shaft design that allows for comprehensive cleaning, the complete EPIC VATS® Series array of clamps, forceps, and scissors are easily disassembled for thorough cleaning and processing without compromising functionality. All EPIC VATS® instruments are engineered with one easy-to-use mechanism that makes it impossible to lose a piece during sterilization and reassembly. Furthermore, no additional equipment is necessary for fastening the instrument or breaking it apart.

To prepare the instrument for sterilization, simply unfasten the mechanism and slide the small pin from the hook to open the instrument shaft. Now, the opened, unlocked instrument can be rinsed and lubricated prior to being placed on the sterilization tray. After sterilization, the instrument is easily reassembled by replacing the small pin on the hook to lock the EPIC mechanism. All EPIC VATS® Series instruments are available with or without a ratchet. For a demonstration of how EPIC VATS® instruments are cleaned, watch our video.

You can choose from the following EPIC VATS® stainless steel product line:

  • Scissors
    •  Curved Razor Edge Blades with Blunt Tip (11.5") - SH8404.1S
  • Thoracoscopic DeBakey clamps
    • Curved left 1x2 DeBakey Atraumatic 65 mm jaw with ratchet (12.5") - AH8230.12
    • Curved left 2x3 DeBakey Atraumatic 100 mm jaw with ratchet (14") - AH8250.12
  • Harken clamps
  • Curved dissector
    • Curved Left Atraumatic Serration with ratchet (13.25") - FH8422.12
  • Right-angle fine dissector
    • Fine Angled Left DeBakey/Cooley Atraumatic with/without ratchet (13.5") - FH8426.12F, FH8426.1F
  • Foerster forceps
    • Curved Left Oval Serrated Atraumatic 10 mm jaw with ratchet (13.5") - FH8438.12
    • Curved Left Oval Serrated Atraumatic 12 mm jaw with ratchet (13.5") - FH8436.12
  • Duval clamp
    • Triangular Curved Left Atraumatic Serration with rachet (13.5") - FH8440.12

Discover how Wexler Surgical EPIC VATS® instruments' superior, state-of-the-art design makes for effortless and complete cleaning, simplifying the sterilization process, and saving precious time. At Wexler Surgical, we are always adapting to the rapidly changing surgical field. "In a world of precision, we're on the cutting edge.

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Author: Wexler Team
Published on: 5/25/2020
Updated on: 9/5/2022