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Wexler Uniport VATS - Cutting Edge Instruments for Cutting Edge Work

Introduced in the mid-2000s, uniport video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) has become an increasingly popular surgical technique for many thoracic operations.

Uniport VATS procedures are significantly less invasive compared to their standard open counterparts, reducing postoperative pulmonary complications, patient pain levels, and patient recovery time.

We have worked with experts in these procedures to create a line of Wexler Uniport VATS Instruments to improve mobility, visibility, and procedure outcomes.  

Our entire line of innovative handcrafted Uniport VATS instruments allows surgeons to feel confident when performing these procedures. The types of instruments we offer are:

  • Foerster Forceps - this grasping forceps are available with curved left, curved right and straight jaws in various oval tip sizes.
  • Node Grasping Forceps – these are great graspers designed for delicate lymph node tissues and available with curved and straight jaws with 11mm oblong tips.
  • Viper Forceps – these novelty grasping forceps were designed in collaboration with Gustavo Bondulich, MD as a high precision multitool that serves as a grasping and dissecting forceps at the same time. A unique ratchet design allows the jaw to close before the ratchet, offering more freedom for tip mobility.
  • MIS/VATS Hybrid Instruments – this is a new line of Wexler surgical instruments that combines the 5mm tubular shaft and signature Blue Wave MICS handle with a VATS style tip. This configuration yields a superior maneuverability with an ability to use hybrids as a left and right-handed instrument. Wexler Hybrid instruments are available as a variety of designs, such as MIS Right Angle Dissector, Double Angle Dissector, and Node Grasping Forceps.
  • VATS Needle Holders with durable Tungsten Carbide jaw inserts.
  • VATS Scissors and MIS Heavy Blade Scissors.

Wexler Uniport VATS instruments enhance uniport thoracic surgery with innovative design, high quality materials, and consistent excellence in craftsmanship. For precision and innovation, Wexler is your trusted source for high quality surgical instruments.

For questions and orders please contact us at:

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Updated on: 2/17/2022